Change Request (CR)

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A request to modify or update a previously agreed-upon shipping arrangement or contract.

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What does Change Request (CR) mean?

In the shipping industry, a change request refers to a request made by a customer or shipper to make changes to a shipment that is already in transit or is scheduled to be shipped. Change requests can involve a wide range of modifications to a shipment, such as: 


  • Change of delivery address: This is one of the most common types of change requests, where the customer requests to have the delivery address of the shipment changed.  
  • Change of delivery date: Sometimes, customers may need their shipments to arrive on a different date than originally scheduled, and they may request a change in the delivery date. 
  • Change of shipment size: Customers may also request a change in the size of their shipment, either by increasing or decreasing the quantity of items being shipped. 
  • Change of shipping method: In some cases, customers may request a change in the shipping method, such as switching from air freight to sea freight or vice versa. 


Change requests can be initiated by the customer, the shipper, or the carrier, depending on the circumstances. It is important to note that change requests may incur additional charges, and it is up to the carrier to approve or deny the request based on their policies and procedures. 

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