The following are the frequently asked questions on Value Added Tax (VAT) in the UAE.

If you are unable to find an answer to your specific query, please visit the website of the UAE Federal Tax Authority (FTA) at

When will VAT be implemented?

How should I register for VAT?

Is it possible to register for VAT as a tax group?

If a Company is registered with Customs does it still need to register with the FTA for VAT?

Do the VAT registration requirements apply to Free Zone companies?

As a customer, do we need to provide our ‘Tax Registration Number (TRN)’ to Port Authority?

How can I share my TRN with you?

What is a Designated Zone for VAT?

Will Free Zone be a Designated Zone for VAT?

Are there special VAT rules for Designated Zones?

What will be the applicable VAT rates on DP World supplies?

Will VAT apply to tenancy contracts for commercial property?

Will there be a new tariff published by DPW in lieu of changes to VAT effective 2018?

Which DP World services are taxable?

How can I get more information on VAT and how it applies to me?